Thursday, September 10, 2009

Which is which

On October 27 marks the 2nd year of our wedding anniversary. I'm still thinking on how we will celebrate it.

I was leaning for an out of town trip which will not cost us more than Php 8,000 and I have one place in mind which is Baguio City dubbed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. However, Hubby is somehow allergic to that place. He told me that the two times he went there he got really sick on his way back to Manila. He always ends up having flu and cough.

So now I have to think of other ways for October 27 . And here are the four ideas that I had in mind:

(1) Book for an overnight stay in Sofitel and try the sumptuous buffet station in Spiral (I have to use my membership card before it expires on 10/31/09). They have discounts for members.

(2) Book an overnight stay in 8 Suites in Tagaytay City.

(3) Dine-in Paseo Uno in Mandarin Oriental. They are offering 50% off on their dinner buffet as long as you will make a reservation ahead of time (5 days). This offer is valid from Sundays-Thursday.

(4) Dine-in Spiral Restaurant for a dinner buffet. Automatically members have a 50% discount so might as well use that privilege.

Sigh! Which of these four should I go for?


Gracie said...

an overnight in Tagaytay!! sorry, biased ako eh - i love that place :) seriously, ok yun - at least exclusive time together & out of town trip.

Llyresh said...

sis, we're also checking out the Paseo Uno dinner buffet for Enzo's birthday on the 7th pero bahala na if funds permit hihihi!

Amelia said...

congrats :) I go for Tagaytay also :)

Arjun Sen said...

Thanks for your support of my book and of the Raising a Father blog. It's wonderful to see you as a young couple living so far away, but dedicated to your little family. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!

Alma said...

a vote here for Tagaytay :)