Thursday, September 10, 2009


My aunt will be arriving soon from Bahrain. She decided to have another vacation here in Manila for two weeks and will try her luck in looking for jobs in Singapore. Her reason is that she wants to be close as possible in the Philippines where she can easily go back and forth without worrying the grueling hours of travel and the expenses she have to shell out.

She was telling me that a lot of electronics and perfumes are on sale due to Ramadan. When she told me the prices it was definitely a great buy compared to the prices here in Manila. I was asking her about watches and jewelry if they have a sale as well but she's not sure if they do. However she told me about the site where it offers genuine and authentic Rolex watches cheaper compared to mall and shop prices! Wish I can buy myself one as an investment...hehehe.

Roger Federer is so lucky to be the endorser of Rolex watch. He doesn't have to spend a dime to get this famous brand of watch. Sigh! The perks of being a famous athlete just like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods to name a few. Too bad I'm not the athletic type. =P

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