Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Out and About

For four days starting last Friday I was busy out of our home. My sister arrived from China and she lined up a lot of things we have to do this past weekend.

Let me break down each of the days:

Friday - Hubby and I immediately went to my parent's house in ParaƱaque after my office hours to wait for my sister's bf who will accompany us to NAIA Terminal 2 where my sister will be arriving. At 7:30pm she was there waiting for us in the airport and we arrived at exactly 8pm...hehehe. I was expecting a lot of bags but she only had with her is the luggage and a hand-carry bag. It was good to see her again. After fetching her in the airport, we went back to our parent's house for dinner. My parents cooked the dinner themselves. Welcome home sissy! ;)

Saturday - My sister and I went together with our younger siblings in Glorietta to buy a few clothing to update our wardrobe...hehehe. We were supposed to go to Rockwell after shopping since I wanted badly to check out the Urban Bazaar specifically the Bare Beauty booth (MMU) but there was no time left. My sister end up asking me to escort my two younger siblings back to my parent's house since she and her bf will meet in Glorietta. Sigh!

Sunday - Itinerary was to shop in Duty Free and then eat lunch in MOA. We were early in Duty Free (I think we arrived at 10am and Randiej is with me) and spent most of our time in the chocolates section and claiming our free items. It was 12:30 when were finally done with all the stuff to buy. Since its lunchtime all of us are hungry so we hurriedly went to MOA and ate our lunch in Savory Chicken. I love the Yangchow rice but not so much of their famous fried chicken. I still love Max's or Kenny Rogers. The shrimp was good and the fried spring rolls =) I was hoping to visit Rockwell after our family bonding day unfortunately I spent way too much time in our parent's house installing Sims 3 on my sister's laptop and teaching my younger sister on how to play it.

Oh well maybe this is not yet the right time to buy one (?). I just have to save some more then for the Bare Escentuals starter kit and Mandy said that there's another brand of MMU that is cheaper compared to BE which is Ellana. They have a stall in SM Makati near the supermarket which I saw last weekend when me and my siblings happened to pass by.

Have to be patient for the time being....


AEC said...

hi joanne, i left a looooonnngg comment after your comment in my blog. there are a lot of mineral make-up out in the market & they're all just as good as BE din naman. :)

KMServino said...

Thanks for the add. I just returned the deed. Yes I do love my in-loves. They are great and what is not to love about the endless food? Matter of fact his family and mine are all friends now and we plan to do Thanksgiving and Christmas as one big family from now on since we will have the baby! How unusual is that?? lol