Monday, September 28, 2009

Not so happy weekend

Last weekend could be the worst days in the history of Philippines. Nobody see it coming and it was horrific to see the news on television of what happened.

Majority of Metro Manila is under water. It was a devastating. Properties and lives were lost. Rich and poor are helpless and seeking rescue on top of their roofs.

Hubby and I are lucky that we don't experience flood, brownout and getting stranded. Thank you Lord for the guidance.

I feel bad for those people who have to go the whole ordeal. One of my close friends here in the office is one of them. Was able to talk to him earlier through his mobile. He was on the verge of tears while relaying me the events that happened last Saturday. I was speechless. Didn't know what to say. All I can say are comforting words that material things can be easily replace whereas their lives are far more important and he should be thankful that they are all okay.

My parents who lives in ParaƱaque got their house flooded up to knee deep (inside) while outside it was up to thigh deep. I was worried on how they will be able to sleep but thankfully the water didn't rise and eventually subside early Sunday. I was asking my husband that we should go and offer them help but how? Some roads are flooded and the street where they lived is also flooded. Neither way can we enter the street nor if it's possible for them to get out. The bad news now is two of my siblings who lived with my parents are sick due to the flood.

Already sent an email to my sister who is in China and informing her about what happened to our family. She will call them later today after office hours.

Hubby's brother and aunt are okay. Their house got flooded as well but not in alarming level. His other relatives are okay too. Everything is slowly getting back to normal except for those who are still in flooded areas.

My prayer is for them to be strong as they are not alone. Furthermore, I hope that there will be no storm coming anytime soon in our country.


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

sad to hear about this =( nalaman ko lang itong news sa pagba-blog hop...wala na kc me time manood sa tfc.
by the way, about your question...I inserted an html code para magkaroon ng scroll bar.

Sara said...

Oh! So sad to watch this. Whats the government doing?
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Unknown said...

@Sara: Flooding is typical here in the Philippines but this incident is one of the worst ever. Turns out that government ordered ad advice to the water damns in the country to be released continuosly without any warning to the residents that lives in the areas that will be affected by the sudden raging waters. I can still remember the news of last year and it was heartbreaking.

The good thing that comes out of this ordeal is the fact that people helped each other. Rich or poor extend any possible help they can whether big or small. It was a miracle somehow.