Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Pork

That's what Randiej told me after reading the Blood Type O Diet (is this true?). Turns out that pork, ham and bacon are considered "unhealthy" for our blood type. Sigh! All the good stuff is gone :(

Well not exactly since we can still eat chicken and beef (yipee!). They are the only meats that are considered okay. Eggs are off the list as well and some sea foods too.

I'll post tomorrow the chart where my husband read it. His really into "healthy living" these past few days. I on the other hand cheat every once in awhile...hehehe. My reason is that I will just drink a herbal tea to detoxify my body...ahahaha! I'm not sure how long we will be able to keep ourselves of not eating pork especially me but anyway, I'll just give it a try and see where my patience and self-control leads me. I'm not really a vegetarian and I can't be one.


ladyviral said...

I believe we shouldn't follow 100% of all this.

There is so many different explanation. We don't know which is which. Some say Blood O should have balance of vegetables and meat. Not cutting out all of it.. but not cow's milk try goat's milk instead...

Some would say beef is best for blood O's diet... Who should we believe? Ourselves.. listening to our body, it tells us when we have enough and when we don't have enough. :)

KMServino said...

I couldn't give up eggs or seafood! Good luck!

As far as baby hiccups go, well I didn't feel them until the last month, but instead of feeling a kick every once in a while, it is a constent little pecking. Like every 10 seconds I feel a very faint "jump" inside me. And they seriously are like every 10 seconds for minutes on end. You can just imagine the little guy in there hiccuping, it's soo sad to me I can't stop them. It means his lungs are developing well though so it's a good sign.