Sunday, September 13, 2009


Turns out that's the issue with my laptop. We went yesterday to PC Clinic in Binondo to have it check.

Jun was very accommodating and he knows a lot about hardware :) He told me that the 2GB memory on my laptop is the source of all BSOD and the software installation problem.

For the meantime, my laptop is running on 1GB memory (the original memory that came with the unit) and hopefully I will upgrade it by December to 2GB. They are selling 2GB DDR2 for laptop at Php 2,200.

The diagnostic fee that I paid in PC Clinic is Php450. Pretty cheap huh?! That is the standard for the laptops/notebooks whereas the desktops diagnostic fee cost Php 350.

I find their computer and laptop parts cheaper compared to the malls or even in Gilmore. I'm happy with PC Clinic's service and they gain a new customer in me :)

So far my laptop is sailing smoothly. No errors so far ;) I'm a happy camper now! :)

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jeng said...

It's a good thing there is no major problem with your laptop. :)