Friday, September 11, 2009

Laptop ER

I made a decision today that I will bring our laptop to PC Clinic instead of Digital Axis. Earlier I chose Digital Axis since it's much nearer to our place and the fact that it's easy to commute going to their shop but then again I'm more after the credibility of the shop that will repair my laptop plus it won't cost me much money considering that repairing laptops can be expensive (that depends on the repair shops and their locations).

I'll just have to explain to Randiej why we will go to PC Clinic instead. I just have to fix that laptop and make it usable again. I had enough of the BSOD for 2 weeks. Let the judgment be tomorrow on what exactly is the problem with my laptop.

Good luck to us. crossing fingers emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos

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Gracie said...

i hope your laptop gets better soon :)