Monday, September 7, 2009

Laptop Consultation

I'm searching the internet a few hours ago for a laptop repair center where I can bring my laptop. I'm convinced that the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) as we call it in IT has something to do with hardware issue rather than software.

I've got the correct drivers for my laptop but there's still a tiny(?) problem. Some drivers are not installed properly due to .dll and .sys missing files but that can be fix easily. What worries me is the fan located at the bottom of my laptop which is not working! We discovered it yesterday night. As far as I know when the laptop is running, the fan should start to kick in but no! I can hear a humming sound but when you check through the air vents the fan blades are not moving. This got me thinking if this is the cause of the trouble that I've been experiencing or an accessory to the problem.

I’ve short listed two laptop repair centers namely Digital Axis and PC Clinic. Both of them offer free consultation to check the exact issue. I was thinking earlier of bringing my laptop to HP Service Center but upon reading of negative feedbacks from HP users about their technical service I abruptly turn my back. All of them are complaining to the amount you have to spend in order to got your laptop fix (Php 15k-130k) which is ridiculous. I might as well buy a new one with better hardware specs. I'll just have to add a few pesos if that's the case.

I just have to tell Hubby about my plan of seeking the help of a laptop repair center to figure out exactly what's wrong with my laptop.

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nitzer said...

Hi, if your system is not turning off then i doubt the fans are the problem, portables tend to save power as much as possible, one would be to just turn the fan on when needed, meaning when the cpu reaches a certain temp, it will run. Try running an antivirus scan for at least 5-10 mins, check if the fans would spin. Try to research a bit regarding your systems built in diagnostic tool,there should be a fan test for it. regards, anthony