Friday, September 18, 2009

Hitting the Gym

It's been a year since I last set foot on a gym after that I was contented doing my hip hop abs routine at home. My own exercise routine is effective where I was able to trim my waist, abs and even tone my legs. But laziness hit me big time and now I stop doing it. I can just feel the flab starting to form in my waist. The lines that are visible on my legs during our Boracay trip last June are starting to fade so I decided to get back into shape.

This time I will hit the gym that is near our home. No reasons for me to get lazy since I will have a friend to accompany me. He was telling me earlier that the gym even provide a Muay Thai Class which cost Php 5k including membership. I told him that I will try the gym first then as I progress I will decide if I will enroll myself in Muay Thai.

Getting into shape starts next Saturday!
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