Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Amidst the rain yesterday a lot of people flocked into Greenbelt's chapel to hear mass in celebration of the Blessed Mother's birthday. I was tempted to take a few pictures to show in this blog entry what I'm talking about but I got conscious on what other people will think when I do that. So I immediately forget the whole idea.

Hubby and I were lucky to squeeze ourselves inside the chapel for the 7pm mass. Though there are no seats available we are contented to simply stand during the whole mass. Its' our way of sacrifice and offering ourselves to Virgin Mary on her birthday.

The priest message and request to everyone who attended the mass to pray the rosary as a gift to Jesus' mother and to be humble and simple. Amen to that!

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ART'S WIFE said...

I looove the thought of Tagaytay! Although, just make sure its not raining too much during those days. :)