Thursday, September 3, 2009

Busy Me

I'm not that busy when it comes to work load but rather I am busy downloading drivers for my laptop. It's been a week since Vista started giving me blue screen error messages on my laptop. Not just one blue screen error but different blue screen error messages.

Tried to restores the laptop to its factory default settings to no avail so I have to take a drastic step and that is debugging the whole hard drive then creating partition using fdisk and reinstalling an OS but this time it will be XP. I had enough of Vista and I'm sparing myself for future headaches.

Yesterday I already downloaded drivers that I assumed are compatible for my hard drive. To my dismay all of them (or most of them) are not. I even tried reverting back my OS to Vista but the installation didn't push through and I was given a blue screen error! Argh!

Good thing that Windows XP is still intact so I just deleted the folders created by Vista on my laptop.

Hopefully this set of new drivers that I downloaded will do the trick. I'm starting to lose my patience...

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