Friday, August 28, 2009


In a matter of hours I will be seeing my sister again! She's been away for almost 4 months due to work assignment and she will be having her one week vacation here in Manila. After her vacation she's bound back to China to continue her contract project.

I missed having chats with her while strolling in the mall. I'm lucky to have her as a sister. We are different from each other (personality wise) but she's there when I needed an ally, an ear to listen to my rants and woes in life and another best friend which I can keep forever (sniff!).

So much for the drama. Anyway we have seven days ahead of us to catch up so we just have to make most out of the time we had. I'm excited and can't wait to pull the hours so I can get out of the office and welcome her back with open arms


Amelia said...

take a leave.... :)

Unknown said...

pkisabi kay len2, hello.. =)