Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Road Trip + Food Trip (Part 2)


Traveling from Tagaytay going thru SLEX via Sta. Rosa is pretty long. It was my first time to use that route since I'm most familiar with Carmona exit (which is not much of a difference come to think of it).

The whole trip we were busy talking and sharing stories of our lives. Ella on the other hand is sleeping soundly despite our noisy voices. In between our conversations, I took a few snaps of my friends inside the car....
I'm not sure how long we've been traveling. It can be 3 hours or more. Finally we arrived in Liliw Laguna. So happy that we did because I'm stiffed just sitting on a car.

Rachel suggested that we should eat first in the famous eatery in Liliw Laguna which is Arabela because it closes early compared to the restos here in Manila. After eating our afternoon snacks/dinner then we can check out the shops in that area for footwear. It was 6pm then.

The meals and desserts are affordable by scanning their menu. I'm still full from our lunch in Tagaytay so I ordered a Dulce de Leche Cheesecake which costs around Php 100-130 (forgot the exact price).

Others ordered a (pesto) pasta, taco and a slice of blueberry cheesecake.

Rachel treated us to a medium-sized pizza which costs Php 200+.

After eating our dinner, we had our last picture taking inside the cafe. Then I decided to borrow one of my friend's mobile phone since the Nokia phone that I brought finally went dead. I have to get in touch with Hubby and tell him that I will be coming home really late than he expected.

I called his mobile number but nobody is answering. I was thinking that maybe his in front of the computer in the living room so I called the landline phone instead. My younger sister answered the phone and told me that Randiej is sleeping. I gave her instructions that once Randiej is awake tell him that I will be coming home late.

After making a call, I decided to send a SMS so that Randiej will not worry about me. I told him that we are in Laguna and it's a long story why we ended up in that province.

We paid our bill and headed out to the streets looking for shoe stores that are open. Most of them are already closed since it was drizzling. But we get a chance to drop by 5 stores and in one of them I ended up buying a flat sandals which costs Php 180/pair.

I was eyeing another shoe on the previous shop but when we came back to check it again, it's closed. Obviously there is no reason for us to stay longer so we headed to Sta. Cruz Laguna where Rachel lives. We only stayed there for 15-20 minutes for we only used their bathroom before hitting the road again. This time, Rachel is no longer with us. She said that we can catch some van going back to Cavite in Calamba Terminal.

We arrived in Calamba Terminal at 10pm and I decided to take a look first for any vans going to Cavite with Ella accompanying me. We asked one dispatcher in the terminal for shuttle vans going to Cavite and to my dismay he told us that there are no more vans going on that area. The last trip already took off.

I relayed the news to everyone in the car. This is what I'm dreading about. While Beth is driving away the car and hitting the SLEX we are coming up with options on how we can go back to Cavite. The only solution that I can find is dropping us in Tagaytay again where we can ride a bus along Aguinaldo Highway. SLEX exits like Carmona, Sta.Rosa and BiƱan does not give any guarantee that there are public vehicles available.

As much as I hated to prolong the journey and the driving, I told Beth about the only plan that I can think of. Knowing Beth she agreed though I knew that it will mean additional hours of driving. I can feel that as much as Beth wanted to hit the SLEX instead of going on exits she has no choice since JP and her daughter have to be safe going back home.

Again, we trudge the Sta.Rosa exit. I can't offer any stories at this point or my other friends. JP and I are the only taking casually every once in awhile. Florence and Ella are asleep which is understandable considering the long hours of traveling.

Once in Tagaytay, JP suggested to Beth that instead of going back to SLEX it will be better if they just take the route of Emilio Aguinaldo highway. It will be faster since there is definitely no traffic on the road. Beth agreed and so JP and I don't have to take a bus ride since our respective homes are along the way.

I arrived at 11:30pm and Randiej is playing in the computer. I asked him if he already had his dinner and I'm glad that he did instead of waiting for me to arrive. He will surely get an ulcer if he did. I was completely worn out just by sitting in the car.

This is one experience I will never forget and I just hope that this will not happen again anytime soon....hehehe. Maybe next year but not this year.


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang sarap ng food. mouthwatering. musta na sis?

AEC said...

wow. looks yummy!

carlamaldita said...

kapagod naman ang araw na yan...although mukhang ang sasarap ng kinain nyo!

Cagayan de Oro map said...

Hi there.. I read your post but kept looking back at the food. haha! ~Cagayan de Oro map