Monday, August 10, 2009

Own Domain

Last Friday I was busy exchanging messages with fellow N@Wie and blogger Ethanmama for getting my own domain name.

Thus I was not able to post some stories that happened to me since the start of this month (I have 3 drafts that I have to finish).

Anyways, I was glad to check my email today and found out that I got my own domain name approved! Ethanmama suggested that I used 1and1 for acquiring a domain name since it's cheaper and based from her experience, so far her own domain blog is running smoothly so I hurriedly got their service.

For a year, I only paid $6.99 for my blog domain. Now, I'm asking assistance from Ethanmama on how to change my domain here in blogger :)

Late this week or next week, I will completely use my own domain name ;)
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