Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My OC Level

This quiz is courtesy of Post-it (that's right)

OC-in-Training ;)

Over the years of organizing, you have developed a highly effective organizing system that in the future will bear your name in its pending patent. A clean desk and a finished to-do list by the end of the day is your Zen. Sharing your skills and techniques to your friends, colleagues and loved ones is a path that you have vowed to follow. Your closet is a testament to your OCness, your clothes are color coordinated according to the Pantone color system and arranged in the order of Seasons in the country, grouped by designers, then order of purchase, alphabetically.

Your OC Pack must-haves are Post-it® Pop-up Notes, Highlighter with Flags or Pen with Flags and the oh-so-cute Arrow Flags. But chances are you already have all these inside your bag.

Wanna check your OC level? Just click this link =)


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