Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free IT Trainings in APC

Yesterday I was busy looking for companies who are looking for Cobol Trainees (entry level) when I stumbled on advertisement where the Asia Pacific College is offering free IT trainings in connection with TESDA Pangulong Gloria Scholarship (PGS) Program.

I hurriedly went to their site and check out the IT training courses they are offering:

I. Java Applications Development (240 hrs)

Core Java (88 hrs)
Enterprise Java (72 hrs)
Object-Oriented Analysis & Design with UML (40 hrs)
Project Work (40 hrs)

II. COBOL Programming (280 hrs)
Structure COBOL Programming with PLF (112 hrs)
CICS for COBOL (72 hrs)
DB2 for COBOL (72 hrs)
Job Control Language Fundamentals (JCL) (24 hrs)

III. AS/400 & RPG (240 hrs)

AS/400 Basic Concepts and Utilities (40 hrs)
Control Language (CL) Programming (40 hrs)
RPG/400 Fundamentals (40hrs)
RPG/400 Advanced (40 hrs)

IV. English Proficiency

When I called their number and spoke to Marvin, he told me that the training course for Java will start on September while the COBOL training is on October. I was not able to ask the training for RPG. I was initially thinking of encouraging Randiej to go with the COBOL training under APC since the syllabus is complete compared to the company whose providing his training at present. He told me before that the training will be an introduction and fundamentals of COBOL thus I wanted him to gain more knowledge about the programming language. After all, I don't have to worry on paying any fees since this is all for free. But yesterday he told me that their training might be extended from 35 days to 40 days. Not sure now if their training will have the same course outline as APC. If it does then I can have him take RPG & AS/400 in APC instead since COBOL and RPG are both mainframe programming language and are related to each other. The more technical skills he acquire, the better for him to have an edge in the IT field.

Wish I could do the same for myself since I'm a Computer Science graduate but I can't give up my full-time work unless APC has evening classes which I can attend to.

I just made a call a few minutes ago to Marvin and he told me that he will keep me informed when there's an update about my queries.

I'm crossing my fingers for luck.

Btw, for those interested to avail the training programs mentioned above, you can call the numbers 852.8117 or 851.5503 to 04 local 521. You can also send an email

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