Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Career Shift

That is for Hubby. It's been over a year and his having a hard time getting a job regardless of acquiring an AutoCAD certificate last year as an addition to his technical skills.

It's not that employers don't want to hire him. The tricky points when he applies for a job are the years of experience and the type of industry where he worked. Believe it or not for Mechanical Engineers like him, most jobs available are for Middle East wanting to have 5 years or more experience in HVAC, Oil, Petroleum, Gas, Construction, Manufacturing and Steel industry which hubby doesn't have an experience thus finding a job is hard for him.

Aside from that, he does not want to go back to a Mechanical Technician type of job especially when it comes to Heavy Equipment or Crane for that matter because he felt that his body is not up for the tedious work
load plus the factor that we will be away from each other.

So, the only option left is to try his hands in the IT field. He was lucky that he got a slot for scholarship training for COBOL care of TESDA. The training course will run for 35 days Monday-Friday from 8am-2pm. He was interested in Java or Oracle but there are no available slots at the moment and time is ticking away thus he agreed to take COBOL.

In preparation for next month when his training will be finish, I've listed down the companies that offer COBOL trainee position. I'm praying that our company will soon open one just like last year so I can pass his resume and hopefully he can get in.

Somehow I see a spark that he can make it in IT. I hope this is the best field/career for him.


Kero said...

good luck to your hubby!

jan celiz-magtoto said...

i'm happy for you and randiej! so it is true that tesda offers scholarship for cobol. we've heard about it. anyway, gino says a lot of multinational companies hire cobol-experienced applicants. i'm sure your husband's gonna land in one!-bits & pieces

Unknown said...

@ Kero: Thanks sis :)

@ Jan: I hope that the multinational companies are open for fresh entry/cobol trainee applicants :)

DavaoBase said...

Just have faith and everything will fall into its right place. I am also an engineer. Although I'm working as one, I am very interested with IT and am learning the ropes.