Saturday, August 22, 2009


That will be my online racket as I have to start (it seems) from scratch. Since I had my own domain name, I have to gain traffic again for my blog before I can submit it to various paid sites so it can be approve.

Apart from that, I actually made a mistake of getting a CSS capability for my Wordpress account. Yikes! Instead of getting my own domain, I mistakenly get the feature of having control in CSS settings in wordpress. Bummer! That's US$14.97 that gone out of the window of my Paypal account...Yikes!

Just thinking about it, it makes me regret that move that I made. There's nothing to be blamed but myself for not reading the description carefully.



Kero said...

Hi Joanne! been busy so i'm catching up on my comments hehe.

first, congratulations for the haircut. you look fab in any way.

second, i too am excited seeing Dakota as Jane. can hardly wait!

third,thank you for accpeting my FB request

and lastly, I updated your link!

Happy Sunday!

tj said...

oist ngaun ko lang nabasa email mo re CSS..

di ko nga kinuha yun kasi wala naman akong alam sa

Unknown said...

@ Thet: Haays...ang engot ko nga eh, not reading properly...ahahaha! Shucks, yan tuloy nawalan ako ng $15 sa paypal ko...haaay. I just have to make the most out of it.