Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Blog

Well I actually had one but I'm thinking of discontinuing that blog since it's not all the time that I get to spend so much time in the kitchen cooking away. The past few days I've been lazy to cook that I always end up buying food outside. Thank goodness there's a cafeteria near our home where they served home cooked dishes.

So I'm thinking of putting up another blog with no particular topic or theme in mind. If only I'm pregnant then for sure that will become my pregnancy blog but I'm not.

Oh well, maybe another portion of my random life. After all, life is full of suspense and mysteries that having one blog is not enough to put everything into writing right?

I just hope that I will be diligent on putting my thoughts and telling stories on my soon-to-be-blog in the same way that I've been religious in updating this blog.

Of course I can do it! Why not?! I just need to check my Paypal balance first before I give it a go...


SandyCarlson said...

Good luck with your blogging endeavor.

carlamaldita said...

ako i have another blog too. about married life naman. may mga recipes din ako dun pero minimal lang. may PR na din pero haven't tried paid blogging with it yet.