Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Toaster Oven

I haven't tried baking yet since we don't have an oven but I was thinking of getting other alternatives in order for me to try my hands on the pastry department.

I've come across this convection toaster oven where it has the same purpose as a regular baking oven. How? It has a built-in fan that will blow the air in order to circulate the heated air around and over the food. I guess, this is an answered prayer for my woes of having a real oven plus the fact that its space efficient and cheaper. The problem is the location of the item is in the US so aside from the price that comes with the oven, I have to pay the shipping cost as well. Looks like I have to wait till December for me to purchase this item on Ebay or a similar kind if in case it's no longer available.

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