Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tiring Weekend

...passed by so quickly. Saturday and Sunday were maximized and I didn't even have enough time to relax.

Friday night was spent washing some of our dirty clothes in Cavite where we arrived at 8:30pm. I started at 9:30pm and then finished at 1am! Most of the time the clothes are being soaked in water, then into detergent soap and lastly in fabric conditioner hence it took me a long time to be done.

Saturday morning was spent checking emails on the internet and at noon I was busy preparing for my friend's wedding in the afternoon. It was a Christian wedding and all I can tell is that the atmosphere is full of love and tears (will post about that even tomorrow). The wedding started at 4pm and the reception ended at 9pm! If I'm not mistaken the wedding ceremony itslef took 2 hours because of the speeches and vows...hehehe.

Sunday morning, we wake up early in the morning to hear mass in Pink Sisters in Tagaytay. We arrive around 6:20am but turns out the mass started at 7:30am. The good thing was there were a lot of vacant seats.

Sunday noon, we are busy preparing our things so we can go back home. I have a meetup with a friend at 2pm so we have to be in Makati on time. Due to constant raining and the traffic in Aguinaldo Highway, we arrived in Ayala MRT at 2:30pm. Good thing the person that I have to meet is still there. After the meetup which only lasted for 30 minutes we hurriedly back home only to realize that we don't have rice and grocery items.

We just put our bags and off we went to Shopwise in Pason Tamo for an impromptu grocery shopping.

Back home, I was busy playing Sims 3 and I slept at 9:30-10 pm. I'm hooked playing that game esecially that I'm controlling 3 characters! My hands are full on keeping tabs on each of them.

Can't believe that we've been so spontaneous when I recount the things that keep me and hubby busy. No wonder my husband slept early on Sunday.

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Kerslyn said...

hay, tiring nga sis. nagbasa lang ako ha, napagod na ako sa activities nyo...except for that wedding at Tagaytay trip!hehehe