Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar Eclipse

A partial solar eclipse will be seen today in the most eastern part of Asia, Indonesia and China while India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China will be lucky to glimpse a total solar eclipse in the sky. They say that this is the second in the series of three eclipses in a month, with the lunar eclipse last July 7 and the lunar eclipse on August 6.

Good thing that my window happens to where the sun is rising. So far I don't see anything extra ordinary since there is a big bundle of nasty looking clouds covering the skies. Maybe those who own a high-end telescope can see a difference.

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pregnancy said...

It was beautiful eclipse, just saw it on the website when it turn the would like a night time... I was missing out that time cause I was in BKK, Thailand and it was raining heavy this morning.