Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prepaid Electricity Meter

Randiej and I were watching a local TV news show and they featured the plan of Meralco (electric company in Manila) for all the electricity meters to be prepaid. They say this will be the answer of their consumers to cut down the cost of their electricity consumption.

If I remember it correctly, they will start the implementation of the prepaid electricity meter in Malabon. Consumers can opt to go back to postpaid after 6 months of usage of prepaid electricity meter.

Obviously we are in favor for this type of electricity meter since it's only me and hubby tin the house thus the usage consumption of our electricity is still manageable unlike if we have kids of our own which can be unpredictable.

Apart from minimizing the consumption of electricity, this will also prevent (if not stop) the illegal jumpers from hacking electric power.

Let's see what will be the feedback of the first users of this gadget.

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