Friday, July 17, 2009

My Ventosa Experience

For Thet who is waiting for my feedback, here it is ;)

Yesterday I was waiting for 6pm on our clock. I've schedule a home ventosa/massage service for myself since my aching back needs it badly.

Shirley whom I spoke to on the phone when I set an appointment happens to be the masseuse who will do the service! She was 5 minutes late but it's no biggie for me. After all, yesterday's weather was like hell and surprisingly she managed to locate our apartment without any problems.

We immediately start the massage. First she asked for a towel and then asked me to strip off my top. The she asked me to lie down where my back is exposed. She started off massaging my whole back and then I can feel that she's trying to "melt" the cold spots on my shoulder which really hurt. She told me that my cold spots became frozen muscles which are stubbornly stuck on my bones at the back. It's been too long that I have a massage and I will expect that's the case.

After the massage (which is good minus the cold spots pain), she pour a lot of oil on my back. I'm not sure if its the same oil or she put different ones. As long as I can remember, my whole back is slick wet. Then she started putting some patches (not sure if it's really patches or cotton) in different areas in my back. Then she put tea candles and then the glasses.

I can feel the first glass sucking my flesh then followed by another one until I couldn't remember how many they were in my back. It's a little painful but tolerable and this is what Shirley told me. Some of her clients preferred using the stone for relieving cold spot since it's painless compared to ventosa. The pain depends on the amount of cold spots stuck in your body.

Shirley asked my hubby to come over and looked the red marks on my back. She explained that the color depends on the cold spots and toxins in the body. While Shirley arranges the glass on my back, she is thoughtful to ask me how I feel. I told her that there are some areas that are painful but manageable. It took 15 minutes for the ventosa treatment to finish and I feel sore all over. There are instances when I feel that Shirley is trying to move the glass on a different spot on my back but she's having a hard time getting the glass to come off. Most of the glasses on the upper part are almost stuck on my skin, proof that I've been nursing a lot of cold spots and frozen muscles for who knows how long.

After the ventosa, she started massaging my legs then my sole. I can feel that there are a few cold spots on my legs but its not painful compared to my back. Next are my arms and my palms. Lastly is the head which feels so good. The oil she used has a nice scent but I can't tell what kind of scent is that (I'm not familiar with the aroma/scents that were used in the spa).

Overall the experience for me is new. With a little pain here and there but it's okay. The good thing is that all my cold spots and frozen muscles are gone!

(this is what my back looks like yesterday after the Ventosa treatment)

The service for the ventosa treatment with body massage is Php 400 but since she did a good job and it was raining so hard yesterday, I gave Shirley Php 500.

Next time I will opt for the stones instead...ahahaha! After all the difference is only Php 50 Ü
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