Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Friday....

...I was out of the office for 4 hours! That is because I went to Phoenix One in Makati together with Hubby for the IT scholarship exam.

We arrived past 1pm since Hubby is late and there's a rally along Paseo de Roxas.

At the office of Phoenix One we started filling out forms before they gave us the answer sheet and questionnaires.

The test is composed of 3 parts - Vocabulary/English which is 25 items; Mathematics which is 30 items and Logical Analysis which is 35 items. We are given 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish the exam.

All I can say is that the exam is pretty tough which is understandable considering your aiming for a 100% scholarship for any IT training short course you want. Though I'm an English literate, I'm not a walking dictionary ^-^

As for the Math, well what can I say...I'm not a big fan of this subject. I made a guess on some of the questionnaires on this part...hehehe.

For the Logical Analysis it was a little easy compared to Math.

Anyways I made it into 1 hour and 30 minutes time limit which is 3pm but Hubby is not yet done and I can see that he has left some numbers unanswered. I told him to take his time in order to answer everything. So to speak, we exceeded the time limit but its okay since nobody from their staff is checking on us. If I'm not mistaken, Randiej finished at 3:20 or 3:30pm.

We went to their front desk and to have our papers checked. Our sets of questionnaires are different from each other so for those who are planning to try their exam, there is no way you can cheat. Ahahahaha!

The test is 90 items in total. My score is 45. Yikes! While Hubby is 58 (nice). But though Randiej scored higher than me, our score bracket falls into 25% discount on their IT training's tuition fee. One of their staff told us that if we will be enrolling within the month of July, they can give us another 5% discount which totals to 30% discount.

Regardless of the discount, I still find their tuition fee a burden (well for me that is since I'm the only one working).

Hubby just told the staff that we will discuss about their offer but honestly we don't have to since
we already made a silent agreement that we will not push through on availing their discount.

Hopefully there are still schools or training centers that we can try. For instance, TESDA is offering a scholarship but we need to wait till next month for available slots.

P.S. In order to get their 100% scholarship, your mistake on the exam should be five items only.

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Amelia said...

that was tough Jo...but at least you did try :)