Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home Massage

I was searching for a good home massage service a few minutes ago and found the Blue Mountain Home Spa located in San Juan Metro Manila.

I called their number and asked if they offer a Ventosa treatment and thankfully they do! I needed it so badly due to my cold spots on the back. Shirley is the lady I spoke to when I called their number and she told me that if we are near San Juan, the charge will be Php 350 but since we are in Makati they will charge us Php 400 instead.

That's fine with me since I will get to stay at home.
I've scheduled the home service on Thursday. Will let you know the feedback on Friday. I just hope that they are good because I really need to ease my aching muscles.

1 comment:

thet said...

feedback naman jan..i alson need a home service massage eh...ako naman pasig area lang.