Friday, July 10, 2009

Car Talk

Every time I see and heard BMW there's only one person, actually two persons that comes to my mind...fellow W@Wie couple Dave and Ebeth. They got married last December 11 of 2007 and at that time we always chat and exchange emails about our wedding preparations.

They had a wedding website (actually every W@wie does) where it will tell you the story about the soon-to-wed couples and I find out that both of them are a bmw fanatic! Both of them are a member of a BMW organization/group where every year they will be doing a road trip using BMWs. Cool huh?!

For a year, I've been seeing a lot of fuel efficient cars. I most likely the Honda Jazz since it's prefect for my petite size. But then again I'm not the only passenger who will used the car if we are talking about the future. I search on the net for a fancy family card and I admire the honda odyssey which is actually a mini van and it will be perfect for a family trips.

But then again, I saw this fancy car named ford fiesta which is elegant looking and sleeker but for sure it's smaller compared to Honda Odyssey. I think my sister will like the Ford when she sees the picture of it.

Had a talk with a W@Wie earlier and she told me that it's still a wonder for her why the people in Canada regardless of their jobs can still have their own cars compared to Manila that even a manager can't afford to buy one or it takes them years to have one. I cant' explain what exactly is the formula or explanation for that one since I haven't been out of the country myself but I guess Canada is richer than Philippines and they had a good government which is a factor to be consider.

Hopefully we can have our own car but I'm much eyeing having our own home. A car can be the next goal after the house :)

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