Friday, July 3, 2009

Car Hunting

Sooner or later once we have a growing family, having a car is a must. It's convenient and practical especially during out-of -town trips compared to commuting. Every once in awhile, I'm dreaming of having our own car especially my husband.

For starters, it won't be such a bad idea if we opted for Used Audi Cars as long as the mechanism of the automotive is in good condition. Then once we have enough budget then that's the time we can look for New Cars.

Last year, my sister was looking on the net for Used Cars and Car Lease. She always wanted to drive a car and I guess when she returns next year here in Manila, she will be enrolling herself to a driving school. I'm not ready to join her yet though. Probably in the next five years, I will be brave enough to sit behind the steering wheel.

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