Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boracay Diary (Part 2)


I woke up at 5:30am since I set my alarm on that time. Our itinerary for the day is to do island hopping. Since my friends have been in Boracay for the 2nd time, they already have a contact for a bangkero who will take us to the islands. My aunt and his bf are already awake as well. Hubby on the other hand is sleeping. So I, my aunt and her bf went to D’Talipapa and decided to eat in Andoks. Whatever the meal prices of Andoks that we had here in Manila is the same so rest assured that you won’t be spending Php 200+ and above for a meal per person. Aside from that they had a lot of various meals to choose from.

After eating our breakfast, I decided to buy some bread on a bakery within the vicinity for Hubby. After my purchase we went back to our rooms and waited for my friends who are still eating breakfast. I let Hubby sleep for awhile then wake him up so he can have his breakfast. Around 9am we are all getting ready for the island hopping. The bangkero will be coming to our place to fetch us. 9:30 am all of us hop into a tricycle who charged us of Php 10 per person and off we went to the other side of the island where the rented boats, jetskis, parasailing and banana boats are situated. We rented the boat for Php 1,500 which is good for 4-5 hours. Aside from that, they will provide you a life vests and snorkeling gear.

The weather is perfect, not too sunny and not too cloudy. Our first stop is the Crystal Island Cove where you have to pay Php 200 per person for the entrance. My friends told me that the island provides an accommodation as well sort of like an island resort. If they are not mistaken the rates for an overnight stay is in dollars but they are not sure how much. The place is quiet and the only noise you can hear are the tourists like us who went there to visit the place and check the two caves which become the attraction. As I told my husband, the place is perfect for honeymooners who want to have privacy.

The surrounding of the island is beautiful and it could be a perfect setting for a prenup or photo shoot.

While on our way to the first cave, we all took pictures every chance we got which is most of the time (hahahaha!). Our bangkero became our photographer as well. Bless him for being courteous, nice and patient with the seven of us.
On the first cave (which you have to go down) all you will see are rocks. I was expecting some crystalline but there’s none. Of course we took some pictures and dip into the sea water.
Even though this island is a little bit far from Boracay, the water is still clear and you can see some fishes swimming right next to you. Also, the water has the same temperature as the waters in Boracay. Not too cold but not too hot. The only difference is that the water level is deeper thus they provided a rope and a ring buoy. My husband and my aunt doesn’t know how to swim that’s why they have a life vest secured around them. After a few minutes of swimming, we decided to go up and moved into the second cave. As always, we took pictures as much as we can.
The second cave is farther and you have to crawl into a small tunnel in order for you to reach the end where the sea water is. You have to wear slippers because when you crawl all you can feel on your feet is the sand with rocks and shells. That’s our mistake since we left our slippers. My feet hurt after the crawl that’s why I readily plunge into the water to soothe my aching feet. We linger for 10-15 minutes and decided to keep moving since we have a couple of islands to visit.Our next stop is the Crocodile Island which is also known as the snorkeling spot in that area. We didn’t actually anchor our boat near the shore instead we are in the middle of waters where we can do snorkeling. Aside from the boats where tourists are loaded, you will see smaller boats selling ice cream and coconut juice in the middle of the sea! Apart from them, there will also be another boat roaming around collecting fees for the snorkeling spot which costs Php 20 per person.
I didn’t get too far from the boat and I see a few fishes. So far the best snorkeling experience that I had was when we went to Laiya Batangas (La Luz) where I see a clown fish like Nemo…hehehe. Me, Randiej, my Aunt with her bf and two of my friends snorkel the time away. After an hour, we decided to have our lunch in Puka beach. All of us are hungry especially me since the breakfast that I ate is not an Andoks meal but just a cup of coffee and two pieces of banana.

On the seashore of Puka beach (if I’m not mistaken, we are on the other side) there is one eatery where tourists who have gone island hopping went to have lunches or even snacks. We are presented with two kinds of snapper (fish) that one is bigger while the other is medium size. Since there are seven of us who will eat, they decided to take the bigger snapper which costs Php 1800, fish plus cooking (it weighs more than 4 kilos) and it will be cooked in three different dishes – grilled, tamarind soup (sinigang) and sweet & sour.While waiting for the food, I asked them for a restroom and they showed me a little hut where you have to pay Php 10 per person. Their reason is that they only rent the place which cost them Php 2000 monthly that’s why they have to charge the tourists for the usage of restroom.

After taking a break in the restroom, hubby and I went to the eatery where they are waiting for the food. Three women came to our table marketing their bracelets made of puca shells. Obviously, I have to buy some as souvenir gifts for the friends that will definitely asked me for a pasalubong. For Puka bracelets, it cost Php 50 while the other bracelets that has flower shaped shells and charms cost Php 100 for 3 pieces. After selecting from the various bracelets (which is overwhelming), the server placed in our table the grilled snapper dish and two bowls of snapper tamarind soup. I’m not really a big fan of seafood but when they told us that the fish has more meat compared to fish bones, I bravely tried to taste it and they are right! After a few minutes, the sweet and sour dish was put in our table. I so loved all the dishes. Good thing there are seven of us who will share in paying the Php1800 for the food but it’s all worth it ;)
After our late lunch we headed back to our rented boat thinking that we will be going to the other side of Puka beach unfortunately the waves are getting stronger and we had no choice but to go home. We were charged the same rate as before which is Php 10 per person going back to D’ Talipapa. We arrived at Cez Manor around 3pm. At the same time, there were guests located on the second floor that vacated some rooms. My friend told the caretaker that we will transfer on the second floor once there’s an available rooms since our rooms are located at the third floor which takes effort to climb. After transferring our things and settling down, we all took a bath and stayed in our respective rooms. Again, Hubby went fast asleep and I didn’t bother to wake him up since he only had a few hours of sleep so it’s me again together with my aunt and her bf who ate at Andoks (since it’s affordable).

We decided to take a walk on the beach front along station 2. At the same time I’m deciding on what to buy for Hubby’s dinner which I will bring to our room. We stop at Shakey’s and I told my aunt that I will just order the Italian pasta as Randiej’s dinner. The male staff is courteous and even gave us a glass of water to drink regardless that our order is for takeout. We waited for 15-20 minutes outside the restaurant where they setup tables and chairs.

After getting our order we went back to our rooms to take a rest. Hubby is awake and I told him that I’ve brought him dinner. While he was munching down the pasta, one of my friends went to our room and told me that we should go early tomorrow morning at the grotto located in Station 1. Since I don’t want to miss the chance of walking on the beach at sunrise, I went to sleep and doze off leaving my husband watching cable.

It was a fruitful day for all of us having to explore and interact with nature.

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

psssst.......its puka, not puca.

I hope you had a typo on that snapper price because a (whole) 4 kilo average snapper is around 400p back home (Boracay), not 1800. I dont think the restos even charge that much.

glad you had a great time. everyone hears about crystal cove but procrastinate and never make it there. its a great place in low season as you have a good chance of having a lot of privacy.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the correction of the spelling. believe it or not we are charged with Php 1800 for the 4 or 5 kilos of snapper which includes cooking of three dishes.

As I've mentioned in my blog, one of the lady server told us that they are renting their place on Puka beach so I guess they've must added additional price in order to cover their monthly rates after all when it's rainy season there will be a less chance that tourist will be visiting the area.

bora_rat said...

please stay in our place next time right there at D'Talipapa: htpp:// contact: 09237112179. :)

carlamaldita said...

ang mahal sis ng lunch nyo! di bale sabi mo naman masarap.
pansin ko lang fave nyo yata ang andok's?