Friday, July 10, 2009

Boracay Diary (Last Part)


The last day of our vacation leg :( Just thinking about it dampens my spirit. It feels that four days had gone by so quickly. I'm used to waking up early in the morning and taking a walk on the beach. If only we can stay longer but work is beckoning me to come back. Sigh! It's back to reality for me.

My friends and I decided to take our last swim early in the morning before getting busy packing up our things. I've set my alarm at 5:30am as usual and Hubby woke up at the same time. I asked him if his okay because judging from last night, I bet he was nursing a hangover. He said his okay but he still had a little headache. I asked my aunt to accompany me to D' Talipapa so we can buy a hot chocolate drink. My aunt is up early since his bf will be leaving ahead of us through PAL Express. That will be my breakfast for the meantime and also Hubby needs a warm drink to soothe his hangover. We went to the tricycle terminal to drop off his bf and went to a sari-sari store to buy a chocolate sachet and a cup since Cez Manor has a hot and cold water dispenser which their guests can use.

After my wifey duty of taking care of him back in our room, I asked Hubby if his feeling better since we will be swimming on the beach. He declined and wanted to stay in bed and sleep for a few more minutes. Before I left the room, I checked my mobile for any SMS coming from Cebu Pacific and lo! There are 2 text messages informing us again that our flight Caticlan-Manila is cancelled and we are scheduled for a flight from Kalibo-Manila at 1:05pm instead. Hurriedly I asked my aunt for his mobile to call the Cebu Pacific Aklan branch and I always end up getting disconnected. So I tried calling the Manila office instead which thankfully I was able to get through and asked the agent for a short notice.

She told me that the runway is again closed for maintenance and all Cebu Pacific flights are transferred to Kalibo. Good thing I'm not so pissed off with the changes otherwise I might asked them that how come PAL Express has a direct flight if there's an issue with the runway?! I decided to change our ETD from 1:05 pm to 1:40pm instead since we need extra time for the additional travelling time for the shuttle transfer. I was advised to have 4 hours of travel period from Boracay island to Kalibo airport and there will be a van waiting for us in Caticlan airport.

I didn't argue about their setup because there's nothing left to do but to oblige. As much as you want to complain, the changes have been made. There are other afternoon flights to Manila but since Hubby and I need to register in Comelec near our apartment for that day we have to go home before 4pm.

My three friends have their flight schedule changed as well to 5:40pm. Lucky them and they can still lounge longer in the island. Since we are short of time, I asked one of them to buy me a hand painted shirt in Lonely Planet as a souvenir for myself =P

After the call, we all headed to the beach for our last swim. Sniff! The water feels good, not to mention how refreshing the scent of the sea. We took a few pictures of all of us swimming...
We only took a swim for 30 minutes to an hour then reluctantly I drag myself to go back to our room and take a bath. While I was taking a shower, Hubby is starting to pack our things. I've given him instruction on how he will pack them...hehehe.

Hubby is next so after my turn, I hurriedly dress up and picked up a few things left on our bed. At that time, my aunt is done with her packing task and she went to our room with her baggage. I asked her that it will be a perfect time for her to finish her shopping for souvenirs. After 30-45 minutes, Hubby is done with the shower and dressing up, I texted my aunt to come at our room so we can leave. It was past 10am and I don't want to miss the flight because I was told that any changes on the confirmed schedule will be paid by us and I don't want that to happen.

Armed with our bags we trudge back to the tricycle terminal in D' Talipapa and asked the driver to drop us in Jetty Port. Again they charge us Php 100 for the special trip. As the scene past right before my eyes, I feel sad that our vacation is over. We should have stayed there for a week instead of 4 days! Well, there's always next time.

At the Jetty Port we only paid terminal fee of Php 5 (I think) and boat fare of Php 25 (we didn't ride the fast track boat).

At the Caticlan Jetty Port, we took another tricycle ride going to the airport which cost us Php 50. As much as the distance is near and we can walk our way there, it will be tiring since we heave bags that acquired additional weight (thanks to our pasalubongs).

At the Caticlan airport we are greeted by a Cebu Pacific agent asking us about our flight. When we told him that it's Cebu Pacific he assisted us going to their office. He even carry our bags (gentleman eh?). Once inside the office we presented our printed itinerary form and they printed out our boarding pass which will be use in Kalibo airport.

We are ushered to the rented van and lucky for us since we are the first passengers. We are thinking that it will take some time before the van will hit the road because based on experience, shuttle vans wants all the seats to be occupied. Since our van is 14-16 seater, we need to have more passengers before we can leave. Fortunately after 10 minutes, there are 10 passengers of the van including 2 foreigners and off we go.

I prefer riding a van than in a bus because I didn't get dizzy at all during the entire ride. Instead I fell asleep and woke up when we are almost near Kalibo airport.

At the airport there's a lot of frenzy going on because of the cancelled flights, attendants had their hands full. Our baggage together with our foot wear went into the scanner then we went to the check-in counter for the weighing of our things. After that we have to pay the terminal fee of Php 20 then proceed to the waiting area.

On the waiting area there are stalls who sell different pastries and delicacies for the tourists. Of course, I bought some for my parents and friends (I told you, I splurged a lot on pasalubongs =P).

I'm pretty confident this time that we will not missed our flight since you can see the airplanes from where we are seated. After 30 minutes our flight has been called and we all boarded the plane. I was expecting for our plane to be full of passengers but there are some vacant seats when we take-off. My husband is happy that he has an empty seat on his side =D

While on airborne, we took a couple of photos...
It didn't felt like an hour flight and I can see the familiar clustered of homes and buildings on our window. We are finally in Manila.

My aunt's bf was waiting for us in the airport's exit which is a relief for Randiej and me since we won't have to pay for a cab to get us home. We arrived in our apartment at 3:30-3:45pm. After placing our bags in our home we hurriedly went to the Barangay hall for voter's registration. I guess we are blessed because we made it on time and we are the last to register.

After our agenda in Barangay hall we went back home and it finally dawned on me that we are indeed going back to normal. No more crystal clear more powdery white more island more vacation.

But I promised myself that I will go back there soon ;)

Note: Thank you to my fellow bloggers for patiently waiting and reading my Boracay Diary entries. Next week, I will post some photos of the items that I bought in the island.


carlamaldita said...

saya naman ng bora trip!

Anonymous said...

its not true, there was no runway maint. Theres currently a political family conflict thats trying to force the closure of Caticlan airport and make all the flights go to Kalibo. They were selling tickets up until a few days ago still claiming they go into Caticlan but there has been a schedule for almost 2 months of who'a allowed to use it. Scheduled, not last minute. It also invloves the monopoly on franchising transfer vans to and from Kalibo.

thet said...

hayYy..ang tagal ng december..i miss bora!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the political family thing, but most likely your flight got cancelled when the airport closed because an aircraft overshot the runway. Ganyan talaga ang life. :)

Unknown said...

Oh well, I'm not aware of the political family thing but I hear last week about the news where all cebu pacific and pal express flights are directed to kalibo aiport instead of caticlan because of the runway problem.

johny said...

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