Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 Favorite Places to Eat

I'm back on doing Ten on Tuesday! Ü I missed last week since my hands are full but I'm on the track again ;)

I heart food but I don't eat that much compared to when I was in college but regardless I have a few dining places where I love their dishes and some that I'm hoping to try just by reading the reviews about them.

1. Spiral Restaurant - I've never tried eating here yet but I heard a lot of good reviews. They are pretty famous with their international buffet that everyone has been raving about.

2. Chilli's - at first the name deceived me. I'm not a big fan of spicy foods but I so love the dishes that we ordered the last time that we were here with my friends. Of course my food is anything but chili.

3. Hawaiian BBQ Restaurant - this is where Hubby and I dined last year on my birthday :) I love their Hawaiian baby back ribs! Yum!Yum!

4. Dencio's - what I love is their Pork Sisig! It is the best!

5. Man-Hann - I loved this restaurant when I was working in Ortigas area. Dishes are good for 2 or more people thus it's affordable and i loved their fried rice.

6. Super Bowl of China - their siomai is one of the best!

7. Pancake House - nothing beats their pancakes.

8. Shakey's - Uber love the mojos!

9. Max Restaurant - they are good in Filipino dishes and their chicken is simple mouth watering.

10. Chowking - a simple fast-food chain but I'm used to the taste of their Chinese dishes. Surprisingly, I like their siopao compared to Henlin.


yen said...

hello again, got same list on your last 3 list on the bottom. i played again, c u. happy TonT

Jen said...

love mann hann too! :)

Robin said...

Shakey's!....is that a pizza place where they have free peanuts in the shells and the floors are litered with peanut shells? Gosh, it's been a long tme since I've been to Shakey's. :-)

Hope your Tuesday is beautiful

Unknown said...

ohh.. i love your list. my list should be more than 10 hehe!

Sherrie said...

Great list! The Hawaiian ribs sound delicious! Have a great day!