Monday, June 8, 2009

Webhosting Limbo

I already made a promise to my blog that I will get a web host this year and have my own domain. The only thing that keeps me holding back to do that vow is the fact that my website has a page rank of three courtesy of Mr. G. If ever I will change the URL of my site, of course the page rank will be gone and that means I might or there is a bigger chance that it will be hard to get some opportunities.
I already created a blog which I can afford to risk of having a domain of its own but then I have to read this particular article about the advantages and disadvantages of web hosting platforms. Nevertheless I'm pretty decided to get the services of Just Host since they are still the Best Blog Hosting on web hosting awards and cheap. Thanks to the web hosting reviews and I can compared the top ten different web host providers from each other. It helps me decide which web host is a fit for me.

I was thinking of encouraging Hubby to join me in the blogging world but he has to read as well the article that I mentioned above. Then I will urge him to avail to get a web hosting provider so that he can get a domain of its own and enjoy the unlimited web space they offer. Plus a different look of his web page compared to other blogging sites. I'm sure once I tell him these information, he will be gladly to get a web host for his blog.

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