Thursday, June 11, 2009


It seems that's the way I will describe what happened to me yesterday when I was trying to make my way home. I can't see the temporary route for the Zapote Kanto and Guadalupe Ibabaw jeepneys since there's a Con-Ass rally.

I already saw a jeepney terminal in Landmark bound to Zapote but the line is pretty long and I can't stand waiting before I can get home so I braved myself to walk from Greenbelt pathway up to Dela Rosa St. - Pasong Tamo St. where I can take a jeepney ride home.

At home, I keep on complaining to Hubby on how my feet hurts due to the long walk I've endured. Hopefully there will be no rallies on the next coming days in Ayala Avenue because yesterday was enough for my legs and feet. I want a massage!


Amelia said... expected ;) but I hope your fine now :)

all4seasons said...

hay, kaka-miss ang rally days sa ayala ave! hehe

visit today joanne :)

thet said...

hahaha.. buti ka nga nakapag exercise..ako walang exercise... ngek!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sister. sorry to hear about sa iyong massage mo na lang ke hubby ^_^

Unknown said...

Hello gurls! Thanks for checking out this post :)

Until thursday mejo masakit pa rin ang mga binti ko pwro I feel ok now ;)

Papa-massage ako sa Bora sa 27th! Hehehehe