Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Turn Off

I secured myself a copy of Yes Magazine featuring Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Anne Santo's wedding and boy, I love the photos and the concept they created. Regardless of what other people think, it's the couple's decision that should always be followed. Not the friends, not the relatives but the two people who will be united on that day. So it's their call if they want it to be secret or not.

I found out on that magazine that Ryan is a smoker. I was surprised because judging from his looks I was thinking that maybe he is the health conscious, goody-two shoes, charming and brainy guy-next-door. This piece of info got me turned off a little bit on him.

Last week, I was having a chit chat with our company's messenger and HR assistant. We were talking about the time that John Lloyd Cruz was shooting his first film with Sarah Geronimo in our old building. I never got a glimpse of John Lloyd, not even his shadow! Our messenger told me that he saw him once in the parking lot near his Suburban car smoking cigarette during his break. Yikes! He was like a prince charming of Philippine TV and Movies and yet he is a smoker. Another turn-off moment.

I was a big fan of Twilight Saga books. I enjoyed reading them and I know that it's not good as Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling but who cares?

Rob Pattinson played very well as Edward Cullen as for Kristen Stewart playing Bella, she needs a little more emotion and getting into the character. Anyways, I still love the film and it's understandable that it's not a major production as expected by others for obvious reason that is budgeted.

But amidst the fame, Kirsten Stewart was caught outside her home smoking together with her bf! It looks like they just woke up or done with their breakfast. That created a stir in entertainment news in the US. Then of course her co-star Rob Pattinson was caught smoking as well inside a bar together with guy friends. Nothing unusual to some but it was a double turn-off moment for me. I just wish that they will be Bella and Edward in real life (especially Edward...a perfect gentleman with no vices under his belt).

Obviously, I don't like smoking and though I have friends who smoked, I try as much not to get close to them physically. I don't like the smell and the fact that it's not healthy for me as the second hand recipient.

Good thing Hubby is not smoking which is a plus point for him...hehehe.

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