Friday, June 5, 2009


And I thought today will be a different day compared to the previous days.

Early this morning, the sun decided to show itself to us. And I'm giddy happy that at least we will experience a sunny day for a change but a couple of hours ago, the sky started to get dark and you can hear the thunder making its presence known to everyone. And then as if on a cue, rain started pouring down with winds in tow.

Sigh! And there's no storm yet in the country. It's just the normal scene when it's rainy season in Manila. After the down pour expect a lot of floods in the city streets which will cause traffic jams everywhere.

And just now as I was typing this entry, we experienced a quick blackout in the office.

Welcome back to school dear students! Enjoy the start of the school year...


Kerslyn said...

buti pa jan sis, may ulan. dito, super alinsangan...grabee!

Unknown said...

Hay sis, hirap makatuyo ng mga damit...hehehe. Buti umaraw kahapon :)