Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Orchestra and Ensemble for Hire

I was still in awe every time I think about the fact that Lea Salonga had the Philharmonic Orchestra on her wedding and reception but then again I wouldn't be surprised if they were there. After all, Lea grew up in music and became famous in Broadway as an actress. I wonder if she hired them and how much she had paid for their service.

A couple of years back, I saw a post by a fellow bride-to-be who also hired the service of an orchestra on her wedding since her theme is Broadway musical. She even shared her story and some photos. Judging from the story and pictures, it was a splendid wedding reception! I bet that she and her groom really spend to make their wedding day special.

But what if you can't afford an orchestra and still want to be your wedding special while working on a budget? Well, there's an alternative way which is hiring an ensemble instead. Or you can rent an orchestral studio where you can compile the audio pieces that you want and then use it for your wedding day. I wouldn't mind having an ensemble since its way cheaper and practical and you got a piece of the orchestra somehow.

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