Friday, June 26, 2009

NFL Sunday

I was busy early this morning getting my work done before I plunge into my four days vacation. Luckily, I was able to have a chat with one of my US recruiters. First, we tackle about the job requirements that I'm going to work for today and afterwards we will just catch up on what's happening in our lives.

Being an American his very much into sports and his talking about the nfl sunday ticket that he saw on a website where you can watch eight games at the same time courtesy of DirectTV. All I know about NFL is that it's like the national game sports of USA and when it's NFL season expect a lot of Americans glued on TV that's why I understand his interest in having a DirectTV service in order for him be updated via the nfl sunday ticket schedule. Talk about game overload but knowing the American football spirit; they simply just can't get enough of it.

Then he plunged into discussing the nfl sunday ticket price where he have to discuss it with his wife. I wish him luck in convincing his better half about his plans but I'm sure he won't have any troubles. Judging from the pictures of the two them via Faceboook, I think his wife is also a sports fan.

Oh well, if NFL happens to be NBA then I will be very much interested in getting that kind of subscription.

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