Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Manic Wednesday

I bet that's the perfect description for tomorrow's traffic situation in Makati.

We all got an email from our HR manager informing us about the Con-Ass rally to be held along Ayala Avenue and when there is rally it means that the length of Ayala will be closed to give way for the participants of the event. Tomorrow is Wednesday and by some kind of curse it's the day where traffic is worst and then there is a rally?! That's double whammy to my fellow commuters and same for those who are driving their own vehicles.

The only advantage that I have is that I lived within Makati area so I can still make it early at home compared to others but the trouble I will be facing is where I will be taking a jeepney ride going home since the routes for public utility vehicles will change tomorrow. Ayayay!


Amelia said...

hay...ano ba naiba?hehehehe
what's the rally for Jo?

Unknown said...

Hi Amy!

Protest against Constituent Assembly for the Charter Change (ata)...hehehe.

thet said...

ay nku girlie, brother ko nagpalipas ng "dinner" na lang sa fitness first rcbc... nkakaloka ang traffic!