Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just for Kicks

It's relief to know that it was. I'm talking about the "walkout" drama of Eminem during the MTV Movie Awards 2009 where the Austrian reporter Bruno landed face downon his lap to present the Best Male Performance Award.

Bruno was disguised as an angel and was suspended in mid-air "flying" when he got tangled on the wires and he have to be brought down to avoid any accident. The lucky individual who "got" Bruno was none other than the real slim shady.

After this scenario, people who watched the show especially celebrities are wondering if it's REAL or STAGED. Well, we all got fooled by the two!

So rest assured the Eminem will still be visible in 2010 MTV Music Awards.

For those who want to see the video, just go to MTV website.


Kero said...

oh yes. that was really funny! Btw, did you see Kirsten Stewart's outfit for the MTV awards? a red minidress paired with chuck taylors!! so neat. I am starting to like her as Bella hahah. Happy Thursday, Joanne!

Unknown said...

Hi Kero! Yup, I saw her outfit. Kirsten is somewhat boyish and doesn't care what other people say and think about her.