Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gay Lingo

I was in a bad mood when I came for work since I didn't make it to the shuttle. I have to take a cab in order to get to work as early as I can because I don't want to stay late in the office (considering that I'm required to extend an hour everyday).

My friend and colleague decided to eat lunch at an early time. Well, you can say that it's a brunch since we didn't get any breakfast. One of the staff here in the office which happens to be a gay joined us and started telling stories and comments. Then he mentioned a few words which I didn't understand and he have to explain them. Here are those words:

HIV - Hair is Vanishing
Cuticle - it means cute
Hernani Cuenco - it's a name of a person but it is used to describe a person that is balding on top.

Honestly, this made me laugh and I get to loose up a bit. Take it from them to be creative with words ;)

1 comment:

Amelia said...

hahahah! masaya talaga kasama mga bading ;) especially with this language they are inviting :)