Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flooring Tiles

My friend of 7 or 8 years just came in Manila to enjoy her one month vacation. She came from Dubai where my other friends are. 2 weekends ago, I drop by her place to downgrade her laptop from Vista to Win XP SP2.

While waiting for the operating system installation, we had a chance to catch up on what's going on with our lives. She told me that within this year, her parents together with his son will be transferring to a one-bedroom condo unit that she purchased for them. The house where they are currently living will be for rent once the turn-over of the units are done.

She asked me where the best deals of tiles can be found. Most of the time, I always saw this sign in Home Depot along Macapagal Boulevard offering 50% discounts. I'm not sure if it's still ongoing. Other alternative will be the factory outlets of tiles and fixtures in Malibay Pasay City which I think will be more convenient for her since the condominium is located near Makro Sucat. I asked her if the condo's developer knows a contractor that can do the flooring for her just like the Houston Flooring services. But she was not sure if they have. I suggest that she made an inquiry before going back to Dubai so if in case there's none she still have time to look for a flooring contractor for her condo unit.

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