Monday, June 15, 2009


I've so enjoyed watching the NBA Finals last Friday for Game 4. Who would've thought that the Lakers will in that game?! It was a BIG SURPRISE! And I so loving it!

Normally when a particular NBA team plays on their home court, they're the ones who will win but the Lakers will not give up that easily. They stretched the game into overtime and winning it by 8 points! Hah! Thanks to the 3-point shooting of Fischer who is a miracle worker for the Lakers on that game.

Now, it's Game 5 and the Lakers only need one (1) to win the NBA title for this year! Argh! Too bad I won't be able to watch it. Anyways, I discovered that there's a replay on the evenings at CS9 which I'm thankful for.

Although Hubby is a fan of Lakers he wants the Magic to win for this year because they are the underdog and he feels bad for them. According to him, it's been a long time since the Magic won the NBA title. Sorry Dwight Howard, I know your the Superman but I'm still rooting for Lakers!

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