Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sooner my aunt will look for one once she sees the things that needed to be fix at her home. The ceiling and roof should be the first to be repaired immediately since wet season is finally here. It has been raining for days now, most of the time during the afternoons and evenings.

I wonder how much contractors cost nowadays. I guess it depends on the job or task that will be given to them. It would be better for my aunt to look for a contractor that knows anything with regards to remodeling or fixing houses like the Houston General Contractor. Her money will not be wasted if she hires a contractor that is flexible and efficient and can do almost anything. I bet money is not a problem with her as long as the contractor deserves the rate.

In the future my sister will be looking for one as well. This time for building a house for my parents and siblings. She already asked a friend for a quote on how much is the house layout and floor plan but knowing her she's definitely going to scout for others to check the average cost. I guess she's sensible like my mother but in a right way.

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