Thursday, June 18, 2009

Connect through Interests

With a lot of different social networking sites available, some peeps prefer to meet new friends online rather than going out. After all the basic reason this websites are created is for the purpose of socializing. Aside from meeting friends, old and new others offer interactive applications where you and others can play.

Earlier this morning, I was doing my usual rounds to other blogger's website when I stumbled on Acobay which promised to be totally different from the other social websites that is now the latest craze on the internet. Curiosity got the best of me so I decided to give it a try and see the features it has to offer.

True enough, it's completely different from the social websites where I have an existing account. For once you connect with other people through the common "stuff" and interests that you have. From gadgets to places you've visited, you can meet new friends and discuss all about it. It's far different from Friendster and Facebook where you connect through the friends that you already had. Since it's on the beta stage you will find the environment a little bit boring compared to Facebook but I'm sure that once people started discovering Acobay, the developer will surely improve the site and the features for its members.

Two things that I enjoyed in Acobay is putting all the stuff that you had and having a wishlist! That's right; you can have your own wishlist and include a photo if you want to. From the stuff that you had and wishlist you can start connection to other people. I haven't tried checking the travel category and entertainment but I promised to check on it tomorrow.

Why don't you give Acobay a try?

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