Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coin Collection

When I was a child I remembered my father having an album of different paper currencies from the Middle East countries where he'd used to work. Sad to say over the years the currencies are nowhere to be found since I know that me and my sister might have played with it somehow and misplaced it.

Apart from the paper currencies, he also had this coin collection. He kept in a drawer out from our reach but since there's an instance that we were asked by our school to bring different coins, my mother brought it out from the storage where I can bring it to school. Most of them are silver coins and a few gold coins. I'm not sure if they have a value back then but as a child when you see a coin, it's just a coin.

But now, not all coins have mere value. Some of them are a good investment that can be useful in the future. Pure gold coins like the American Buffalo or Australian Gold nugget values US$1,000. Other investors or collectors buy gold coins and kept it untarnished to increase its value on the next coming years where they can sell it on a higher price against the price when they bought it.

With all the gems and stones that come out in the market, who would've thought that we can still make money out of gold coins. If my father only knew about this then he would probably buy gold bullion if such existed back then. Just a thought, how about if you buy gold instead then make a coin out of it? Will it be the same value as of the gold bullion coins? Ü

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