Thursday, June 25, 2009


The past few days I've been keeping my stress level down by basically playing Sims 3 in my laptop. Yup! It maybe childish to some but I really enjoy playing that game especially when you get the chance to choose the career path you wanted for your Sim.

For example, my Sim's life goal is to be world known chef while Hubby's Sim is to be a famous artist/painter. Of course there are classes to be taken, books to be read and places to visit in order to hammer up your Sim's skills and fulfill their goals while having fun at the same time. Earlier this morning, I've been watching Hubby's Sim visit an art gallery where Sergey Smirov paintings might be on exhibit. In my point of view, the paintings of Sergey Smirov is ideal for guest rooms, library and in the hallway. He had this trademark of painting the faces of his subject in an oval shape. There must be a story behind it.

It's actually fun watching a Sim when his painting/drawing and then he can sell it like a real artist. I wonder if Hubby's Sim can hold an art exhibition in a museum. Maybe I should make another character and have her take a career in arts. Let's see what happens....

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