Friday, June 19, 2009


I forgot to blog about this yesterday but I heard on the news that it will take a patient with H1N1 to spend Php 25,000 in order to treat the flu virus! Geeze that is pretty pricey to treat flu.

Pinky Webb was sick for three days thus she's not visible in a morning show and when she came back she shared her experience in calling a Makati hospital so she can have herself check for H1N1. She has a cough and flu and she was thinking that maybe she got the virus. According to her there are a lot of procedures that a patient must undergo to determine if he/she catches the dreaded flu virus. Lucky for her she didn't have the 'swine flu' which saved her from a long line of waiting in the hospital (there were list of patients who want themselves check for the H1N1 flu).

I think right now, DOH is lending its laboratory to accommodate the patients and hospitals for H1N1 testing and some hospitals (I think) are probably giving free checkup or medicine if the patient was diagnosed with H1N1 on the spot since 25k is quite steep especially if you don't have a medical insurance to save your back. For others who are nursing a common flu and wants to check if they will eventually have the swine flu, well tough luck but you have to pay for the service of having your swab sample tested.

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