Friday, June 26, 2009

Chances are...

Who knows maybe I will. After all my paternal grandparents managed to lived up to their 90s. With luck, genes and changing my lifestyle I can make it through 100. That will be cool!

Chance You'll Live to 100: 72%

100 is looking pretty likely for you right now. You've made your health a priority.

So kick back, keep doing what you're doing, and enjoy the great life you've made for yourself.

And you might get to see what the world is like 70, 80, or even 90 years from now.


...that today is Friday and that only means one thing, weekend is finally here!
...that the weather is sunny and storm-free.
...that me and Hubby will be on a long vacation.
...that I was able to finished my job duties for this day.
...that I will be spending some time with my friends and aunt in Boracay.

NFL Sunday

I was busy early this morning getting my work done before I plunge into my four days vacation. Luckily, I was able to have a chat with one of my US recruiters. First, we tackle about the job requirements that I'm going to work for today and afterwards we will just catch up on what's happening in our lives.

Being an American his very much into sports and his talking about the nfl sunday ticket that he saw on a website where you can watch eight games at the same time courtesy of DirectTV. All I know about NFL is that it's like the national game sports of USA and when it's NFL season expect a lot of Americans glued on TV that's why I understand his interest in having a DirectTV service in order for him be updated via the nfl sunday ticket schedule. Talk about game overload but knowing the American football spirit; they simply just can't get enough of it.

Then he plunged into discussing the nfl sunday ticket price where he have to discuss it with his wife. I wish him luck in convincing his better half about his plans but I'm sure he won't have any troubles. Judging from the pictures of the two them via Faceboook, I think his wife is also a sports fan.

Oh well, if NFL happens to be NBA then I will be very much interested in getting that kind of subscription.


Geeze, this is the second time that someone left a comment on my blog only to say nasty things about bloggers in the Philippines. At first, I didn't mind the comment since he didn't have the guts to put his/her name instead he/she goes with "anonymous" which I think reflects his/her cowardice.

Anyways, for anonymous regardless that you made a comment specifically "for my eyes only", I will post the things you've said and I'm waiting for you to leave another comment here in my blog.

(click to enlarge the image)

P.S. Fellow bloggers do you received the same comment (refer to above image) on your blogs?

Joyful Toon No. 93

"For there is one God,
and one mediator also between God and men,
the man Christ Jesus."
1 Timothy 2:5

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yesterday was my father's birthday! I made a call and greeted him on the phone. We already celebrated his birthday last Saturday together with the Father's Day celebration.

One more year to go and he will be a senior citizen which is the reason I always tease him.

My wish for him is to live longer for the sake of my younger siblings and also to get rid of his smoking habits. His too stubborn to quit smoking so I pray that soon, he will let go his favorite vice.

People say that I look a lot like him...what do you think?


The past few days I've been keeping my stress level down by basically playing Sims 3 in my laptop. Yup! It maybe childish to some but I really enjoy playing that game especially when you get the chance to choose the career path you wanted for your Sim.

For example, my Sim's life goal is to be world known chef while Hubby's Sim is to be a famous artist/painter. Of course there are classes to be taken, books to be read and places to visit in order to hammer up your Sim's skills and fulfill their goals while having fun at the same time. Earlier this morning, I've been watching Hubby's Sim visit an art gallery where Sergey Smirov paintings might be on exhibit. In my point of view, the paintings of Sergey Smirov is ideal for guest rooms, library and in the hallway. He had this trademark of painting the faces of his subject in an oval shape. There must be a story behind it.

It's actually fun watching a Sim when his painting/drawing and then he can sell it like a real artist. I wonder if Hubby's Sim can hold an art exhibition in a museum. Maybe I should make another character and have her take a career in arts. Let's see what happens....

Joyful Toon No. 92

In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.
John 1:4

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Falls


Would it be a relief in your part if you have a Self Storage where you can put all your clutter instead of collecting and stocking them up in your house?

On our apartment there's not much of a clutter, so far since Hubby and I are the only ones living there but in the future that we have children, I bet there's going to be a lot of stuff loitering around the house.

I have a friend who happens to lived in Arizona before and now she and her husband are staying in California. The last time I talked to her she told me about their setup where twice a year they always have to move from one state to another because the demand of work of his husband. She considered the Storage Rentals Phoenix AZ for all the stuff that they have at their residence but decided to left a few of them and have the place rented.

This self-storage setup will be perfect for my parents since we have a lot of stuff needed to be stored. Most of them are clothes and books that we used when we were in our yester years. Unfortunately this is only available in the US where Self Storage Facilities Phoenix AZ are common. For the time being, I'll just have to wait for my sister's arrival for plan declutter because I still have some of my stuff left in their house.

Joyful Toon No. 91

“You must be strong now. You must never give up.
And when people make you cry and you are afraid of the dark,
don't forget the light is always there.”

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Off and On

The electricity here in the office went off and on three times. The culprit is the thunderstorm and rain that happened a few hours ago.

I knew that it will rain hard just by judging from the dark clouds that starts to build up after lunch. Luckily, the clouds are gone now and so is the rain.

Have to check the weather forecast tomorrow. It will be in my priority list for the time being.

I Pray...

...for a perfectly good weather this weekend.

When I checked out the PAGASA website for weather forecast, turns out that there's a tropical depression in Samar. I wish that it will be gone by Friday since me and Hubby are set for our Boracay trip. It's our first-time to visit the famous beach (together with my aunt) that's why I pray that the weather will cooperate since I have a lot of plans and things to do on the island.

Its okay for me to rain today, tomorrow or even the next day if it means it will compensate for a sunny and storm-free weather on the 27th to 30th. Oh please, make it rain-free this weekend.

Super Hotel Sale

(click to enlarge the photo)

I'm talking about the Accor Hotels who are currently offering sale prices for their hotel chains ain Asia Pacific and it's for a limited time only.

For example in Manila there is Sofitel which is located in Pasay City which has rooms that regularly starts at Php 10,000+ but now since it's on sale it is down to Php 4,437! Weee! I'm surprised that my agent didn't inform me about this. Accor hotels in neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore offers Php 2,000-3,000 rates while in Thailand and China they offer Php 1,200-1,900 per room (not sure what kind of room).

What's more, Accor Advantage Plus members like me are entitled to another 10% discount on all the City Sale rates! That will mean that the rates for a room in Sofitel will be Php 3,993! This sound too good to be true but its definitely real!

Now my mind is working if I have to avail this promo and use my membership card. I can have our stay schedule for our 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary and of course try the variety of dishes of the infamous buffet in Spiral Restaurant. I've been hearing so much about their buffet and all of them are all praises about the food and the choices you can try.

The only thing that is missing as I was logging in to the Member's Area is my Accor Advantage Plus Card. Dang! I left it at home. Hope this sale is up till tomorrow so I can check if they have other promos to offer for members.

Anyone interested? Grab this chance and check out the Accor Hotels City Super Sale now!


10 Favorite Sports Plays Ever

For this week's Ten on Tuesday, I'm not exactly sure if it's favorite sports or the sports plays that you usually see flash across the television.

But anyways, I will write down the sports that I like to watch ;)

Too bad I only have six on my list. I'm not a big fan of golf and footbal/soccer that's why it's not up there.

I'll just make it up next week.

Joyful Toon No. 90

Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through Me."
John 14:6

Monday, June 22, 2009

Out and About

Hopefully in the next five to ten years, Hubby and I will be moving out to a place that we can proudly call our home. The current apartment that we lived in will not be an ideal place to raise a child since the space is limited and of course there are some flaws on the house that I won't elaborate.

So far, we don't have any big furniture that will require a storage company's service but definitely hiring a van to move our stuff from one place to another is a must.

Two Celebrations

Last Saturday, Hubby and I went to my parent's house in Parañaque to celebrate in advance my father's birthday and Father's Day! Yup! My father will be celebrating his 59th birthday on June 24.

My younger brother and sister loved the food! Yummy!

Pancit Malabon, Lumpiang Shanghai, Pork BBQ and Pitchi-Pitchi
(care of Amber)

Cake and Spaghetti (care of Red Ribbon )

Belated Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies Ü

Multiplayer Games

Recently I discovered how fun it is to play Diablo II especially if it's in multiplaying mode. Hubby and I can play together as allies to fight the demon minions of Diablo and Baal (that is after installing the expansion pack).

Last weekend, I was hooked playing Sims 3! Yep, I have the software and installed it on my laptop. It's more enjoyable to play compared to its first version. Haven't tried using it for multiplaying since the other laptop is kind of antique and the hardware specs will not meet the minimum requirements needed by Sims 3.

Let's see if I can discover other multiplayer games, I'm starting to be a game addict like my husband.

2 VLs

I just filed my two days vacation leave which falls on June 29 and 30. I'm counting down to our Boracay getaway! Exactly 5 more days before my much awaited vacation of pure relaxation and enjoyment. I need a stress-free time badly!

Hopefully once we get back, there are no problems waiting at bay.

I wish for a good weather this coming weekend! No storms please. I still need to buy Hubby two pieces of board shorts and 2 sandos since most of his wardrobe is mostly of tees, shirts and denim pants.

Obviously, I'm excited! Hubby and I are both first-timers to visit Boracay. I hope it looks good as it is on photos ;)

Joyful Toon No. 89

My soul, wait in silence for God only,
For my hope is from Him.
Psalm 62:5

Friday, June 19, 2009

Christian Love

I'll be attending a Christian wedding on July 18. This will be the second time that I'll be attending one. The first one happens to be her older sister's wedding.

There's not much of a difference in a Catholic wedding. They do have the bridal march and exchanging of rings together with their personal vows (not the usual vows that we normally here in a catholic matrimony).

This reminds me of another friend who also happens to be a Christian himself. He is one of our childhood friends and happens to be the only single in our group (well, except for my sister). Surprisingly he has a friendster account and hopefully he will discover this free christian chat so he can meet other people and hopefully someone special. After all it's almost the same as friendster so I hope he can give this site a try. He can put a photo himself and even communicate with other people who also happen to be a Christian like him.

Let's see if I can play Cupid for this dear friend of mine. As far as I can remember his pretty conservative and finding someone special might not appeal to him but who knows? Maybe he will have a change of heart.


I forgot to blog about this yesterday but I heard on the news that it will take a patient with H1N1 to spend Php 25,000 in order to treat the flu virus! Geeze that is pretty pricey to treat flu.

Pinky Webb was sick for three days thus she's not visible in a morning show and when she came back she shared her experience in calling a Makati hospital so she can have herself check for H1N1. She has a cough and flu and she was thinking that maybe she got the virus. According to her there are a lot of procedures that a patient must undergo to determine if he/she catches the dreaded flu virus. Lucky for her she didn't have the 'swine flu' which saved her from a long line of waiting in the hospital (there were list of patients who want themselves check for the H1N1 flu).

I think right now, DOH is lending its laboratory to accommodate the patients and hospitals for H1N1 testing and some hospitals (I think) are probably giving free checkup or medicine if the patient was diagnosed with H1N1 on the spot since 25k is quite steep especially if you don't have a medical insurance to save your back. For others who are nursing a common flu and wants to check if they will eventually have the swine flu, well tough luck but you have to pay for the service of having your swab sample tested.

Joyful Toon No. 88

"I am still as strong today as I was in the day Moses sent me;
as my strength was then, so my strength is now,
for war and for going out and coming in."
Joshua 14:11


I was in a hurry earlier today so I can catch our shuttle service at 7am. Since I'm so focused on getting their on time, I left my mobile phone at home!

I feel that there's a part of me that is missing! Yeah I know I'm exaggerating but that's what I feel when you don't have a phone that happens to be with you most of the time.

Now I'm itching to drag the time so I can go home and reunite with it. Obviously, I can't live without a mobile phone!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Connect through Interests

With a lot of different social networking sites available, some peeps prefer to meet new friends online rather than going out. After all the basic reason this websites are created is for the purpose of socializing. Aside from meeting friends, old and new others offer interactive applications where you and others can play.

Earlier this morning, I was doing my usual rounds to other blogger's website when I stumbled on Acobay which promised to be totally different from the other social websites that is now the latest craze on the internet. Curiosity got the best of me so I decided to give it a try and see the features it has to offer.

True enough, it's completely different from the social websites where I have an existing account. For once you connect with other people through the common "stuff" and interests that you have. From gadgets to places you've visited, you can meet new friends and discuss all about it. It's far different from Friendster and Facebook where you connect through the friends that you already had. Since it's on the beta stage you will find the environment a little bit boring compared to Facebook but I'm sure that once people started discovering Acobay, the developer will surely improve the site and the features for its members.

Two things that I enjoyed in Acobay is putting all the stuff that you had and having a wishlist! That's right; you can have your own wishlist and include a photo if you want to. From the stuff that you had and wishlist you can start connection to other people. I haven't tried checking the travel category and entertainment but I promised to check on it tomorrow.

Why don't you give Acobay a try?

Joyful Toon No. 87

For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil,
and some by longing for it have wandered away
from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.
1 Timothy 6:10

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Love Your Blog Award

Thanks sis Meryl for this award! So chique eh?! =)

This is the J'Adore Tien Blog Award which means I Love Yours Blog in French.

Passing this award to - Mandy, Thet, Jan, Jhona, Amy, Dhemz, Kero, Lorna, Gracie, Carla and Kerslyn.

Wordless Wednesday: Silk Worm

Visiting Portugal

I love to travel in contrary to my husband. That's why when I dreamed of traveling different places and I have all the means, I will definitely want to travel around the world! Paris, Rome, Holland, Prague, Egypt, Bahamas, London, Asia, Australia, Spain and might as well include Portugal on the list since it's Spain's nearby country.

I can get a cheap car hire portugal through the Lisbon Airport or Faro Airport which are the two most popular international gateway in Portugal. I just hope that in other countries they have a cheap car rent because here in Manila, most of them are taking advantage of the tourists knowing that they pay in dollars. Sad but true.

The Realities of Living Together

Ms. Benz sent out an email for the W@Wies and N@Wies alike to answer the questions mostly about the aftermath of the wedding. I decided to post my answer here and I'm still thinking if I will submit them for Ms. Benz's approval...hehehe. Those peeps that can come up with the best answers will be lucky to have it publish ;)

Let's get my brain working!....

Q1. What was your major adjustment when you started living together after the wedding?
- That will be living with the in-laws since my husband and I moved into their house where his aunt and younger brother lived. We stayed their for six months after our wedding before moving out on our own. I have to adjust on almost everything because it's different from the household where I'm used to.

Q2. What was the thing you like most/least about it?
- The best thing about it is that I can spend more time with my husband. When we were in a gf-bf stage, we only see each other once a week. My positive reflect on living with my in-laws was I think of it as a chance to get to know my brother-in-law and aunt-in-law and my husband's other relatives who happen to be near that area. I was able to bond with them during special occasions and made a close relationship to some of them.
- The least thing that I don't like is the uncomfortable feeling moving myself around their house and getting bored on our room since I spend most of my time there. In order to entertain myself, I resort to going out on weekends with or without hubby.

Q3. Is there something you wish other married couples had told you beforehand?
- Surprisingly everything was told to me by my friends and relatives who are married. At first, I was still confused on what they meant when they say "Marriage is for the brave souls". After going through major adjustments during our first year of being together (which is not an easy ride, I'm so tempted to turn my back on the promises that I made on our wedding) it all hit me and understand what it's all about. You must be a strong willed person and extend your patience to the limits. That goes for both wife and husband.

Q4. Any tips for other newlyweds living in their new home/with their in laws?
- You have to know respect so that you can be able to do "pakikisama" to the in-laws. Patient and understanding plays an important role to any relationship. Communication and compromise is also one of the ingredients in order to leave with the in-laws or on your own harmoniously.

Joyful Toon No. 86

"These signs will accompany those who have believed:
in My name they will cast out demons,
they will speak with new tongues;"
Mark 16:17

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coin Collection

When I was a child I remembered my father having an album of different paper currencies from the Middle East countries where he'd used to work. Sad to say over the years the currencies are nowhere to be found since I know that me and my sister might have played with it somehow and misplaced it.

Apart from the paper currencies, he also had this coin collection. He kept in a drawer out from our reach but since there's an instance that we were asked by our school to bring different coins, my mother brought it out from the storage where I can bring it to school. Most of them are silver coins and a few gold coins. I'm not sure if they have a value back then but as a child when you see a coin, it's just a coin.

But now, not all coins have mere value. Some of them are a good investment that can be useful in the future. Pure gold coins like the American Buffalo or Australian Gold nugget values US$1,000. Other investors or collectors buy gold coins and kept it untarnished to increase its value on the next coming years where they can sell it on a higher price against the price when they bought it.

With all the gems and stones that come out in the market, who would've thought that we can still make money out of gold coins. If my father only knew about this then he would probably buy gold bullion if such existed back then. Just a thought, how about if you buy gold instead then make a coin out of it? Will it be the same value as of the gold bullion coins? Ü

10 Things You’d Bring on a Deserted Island

Well, the list that I created are the first things that come to my mind...hehehe.

#10 is not a thing but I would like to have some company in the island, it's not too much to ask ;)

My Acting ...

didn't quite go well as I hoped. If you remember in my post last Saturday I sneaked in an internet cafe just to kill time since Hubby will be coming home late. I was in a haste to get home there first and beat him so I can put up a good front act that I'm disappointed.

Well I got there first. I'd say I was there 30-45 minutes earlier than him. I was eating Ensaymada bread when he came and he asked me what I'm eating. Instead of being quiet pretending to be angry, I immediately answered his question casually. Oooppss!

Then he launched into telling me stories about his visit in his aunt's house. Geeze... I'd better start brushing up my acting skills before I can do MY ACT again....tehee!

Joyful Toon No. 85

Faith is to believe what we do not see;
and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Medical Assistant

Aside from Engineers, caregivers and medical assistants are still in demand today regardless of recession which affected so many people around the world. We can say that medical industry is one of the stable and safest places for people to have jobs. After all, health is wealth and it's a basic necessity that nobody can neglect.

Too bad that my brother doesn't have a thing for medicine instead he want to be in-line with culinary arts and seafarer. Oh well I have another brother who's still in high school and I wonder if he wants to pursue medical assistant online through St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants which specializes in this type of course where I can enroll him (I just hope that I saved a lot of money by that time). Oh well, I knew he wanted to be an engineer so I might as well drop that idea.

I wonder if taking a medical assistant course in college is considered to be a pre-requisite to be a medical doctor then I can encourage our youngest sibling to be enrolled in this course instead. She can have the option to be a nurse or a doctor plus a chance to work abroad. The thing is, I'm not sure if that's her dream to be a medical professional.


I've so enjoyed watching the NBA Finals last Friday for Game 4. Who would've thought that the Lakers will in that game?! It was a BIG SURPRISE! And I so loving it!

Normally when a particular NBA team plays on their home court, they're the ones who will win but the Lakers will not give up that easily. They stretched the game into overtime and winning it by 8 points! Hah! Thanks to the 3-point shooting of Fischer who is a miracle worker for the Lakers on that game.

Now, it's Game 5 and the Lakers only need one (1) to win the NBA title for this year! Argh! Too bad I won't be able to watch it. Anyways, I discovered that there's a replay on the evenings at CS9 which I'm thankful for.

Although Hubby is a fan of Lakers he wants the Magic to win for this year because they are the underdog and he feels bad for them. According to him, it's been a long time since the Magic won the NBA title. Sorry Dwight Howard, I know your the Superman but I'm still rooting for Lakers!

Joyful Toon No. 84

His descendants will be mighty on earth;
The generation of the upright will be blessed.
Psalm 112:2

If Money is not an Issue

...I will definitely buy a house and lot followed by some rustic furniture for the guest room or the patio perhaps. I even saw a mirror and a credenza that I think will go well for my future dining area which will be a wood theme.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I'm making a quick sneak in an internet cafe. I'm supposed to be home at this time but since Hubby texted me letting me know that he will be coming late from his visit in QC (8pm instead of 7 pm) I decided to make a fast trip to check my emails and of course my FB account that I have abandoned for quite sometime now.

I even texted hubby telling him that his not good on making promises...hehehe (I'm letting him feel guilty) while I'm busy typing away this entry. Well, he shouldn't make any promises he couldn't keep in the first place or better not to make any promises at all.

As much as I wanted to stay here for another hour, I can't. I have to beat Hubby at home so he will be more guilty for making me wait for him....hehehehe.

I know I'm being naughty or even cruel. Let's se if I can put a good acting once he gets home ;)
Ta-ta for now!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


It seems that's the way I will describe what happened to me yesterday when I was trying to make my way home. I can't see the temporary route for the Zapote Kanto and Guadalupe Ibabaw jeepneys since there's a Con-Ass rally.

I already saw a jeepney terminal in Landmark bound to Zapote but the line is pretty long and I can't stand waiting before I can get home so I braved myself to walk from Greenbelt pathway up to Dela Rosa St. - Pasong Tamo St. where I can take a jeepney ride home.

At home, I keep on complaining to Hubby on how my feet hurts due to the long walk I've endured. Hopefully there will be no rallies on the next coming days in Ayala Avenue because yesterday was enough for my legs and feet. I want a massage!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Silk Cocoon

Joyful Toon No. 83

Jesus answered them,
"To you it has been granted to know
the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven,
but to them it has not been granted.
Matthew 13:11

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Manic Wednesday

I bet that's the perfect description for tomorrow's traffic situation in Makati.

We all got an email from our HR manager informing us about the Con-Ass rally to be held along Ayala Avenue and when there is rally it means that the length of Ayala will be closed to give way for the participants of the event. Tomorrow is Wednesday and by some kind of curse it's the day where traffic is worst and then there is a rally?! That's double whammy to my fellow commuters and same for those who are driving their own vehicles.

The only advantage that I have is that I lived within Makati area so I can still make it early at home compared to others but the trouble I will be facing is where I will be taking a jeepney ride going home since the routes for public utility vehicles will change tomorrow. Ayayay!

Ethnic Food Market

For over a year of our stay in Makati, most of our groceries and food supplies are shopped from different grocery stores within the area. I haven't embark myself going to a market since I'm not sure where is the exact location and second, I'm not the type of person who's into haggling prices. My sister is much better haggler than I am, a trait she got from our mother...hehehe.

Ever since we decided to move out, I discovered myself enjoying cooking more. If you've been a frequent visitor of my blog, I've shared a few of my cooking milestones and that doesn't stop. As I browse through the net and see different recipes, I'm so itching to try them all! Good thing there's where it sells various ethnic products from all over the world. From snacks down to beverages that you won't find in the grocery stores, they have it on their online market. Plus they offer a flat rate shipping of $ 4.99 which is very convenient especially if you ordered in bulk. You can be a master chef or have a fancy dinner at home having these ingredients available in your kitchen.

Guess I have to wait for a few more years before I can whip up something exciting and new for hubby's taste buds once we have our own home with complete kitchen appliances. I'm not hoping for a luxurious kitchen area as long as I can prepare the amazing dishes that I see on the internet and as long as I have the tools needed that can help me and then I'm good. I can't wait to experience fine dining at the comforts of our own home. The fact that it's less expensive compared to eating outside, it's a product of labor of love that is worth exerting for.

10 Favorite Things to do During ME Time

For this week's Ten on Tuesday it's all about the things we love to do or hope to do on our ME time.
Sometimes I wish I have two jobs so I can do my favorite things! Ü

Joyful Toon No. 82

"The good man brings out of his good treasure what is good;
and the evil man brings out of his evil treasure what is evil."

Matthew 12:35

Monday, June 8, 2009

Real Property Management

I bet the big names in businesses here in Manila availed this type of service in order to have someone managed their financial statements and investments.

I haven't heard anyone getting a service like this if they owned a house or apartments for instance. I guess Real Property Management here in Manila is not that popular as it is in the United States. After all, not everyone owned a business to begin with. If I'm not mistaken, Ayala Zobel has an own company who handles their properties. I assumed that they are not to keen to have a stranger look over their figures and property listings. As always they are one cautious business clan.

Black and Blue

Aside from the H1N1 virus that is closely monitored by the Department of Health in Manila, they are also warning everyone for a Dengue Fever. Since its rainy season here, this is the time where mosquitoes (especially the Aedes mosquitoes) tend to multiply because of the standing water accumulated during the rainy days. That's why everyone was advised to get rid of the water in flower pots, containers, birdbaths, discarded tires, etc. to prevent the possible breeding of mosquitoes on everyone's homes.

Yesterday while I was watching the news on TV. The woman anchor provided information that I didn't know about the Dengue-carrier mosquitoes. She said that everyone should refrain from wearing black and navy blue clothing as these colors attracts the Aedes mosquitoes. Obviously I have a few pieces of black clothing in my dresser and a couple of navy blue tees.

So I'll try as much not to wear black and navy blue during these days just to be safe.

Joyful Toon No. 81

You will be courteous to your elders
who have explored to the point from which you may advance;
and helpful to your juniors
who will progress farther by reason of your labors.

Abbott L. Lowell

Webhosting Limbo

I already made a promise to my blog that I will get a web host this year and have my own domain. The only thing that keeps me holding back to do that vow is the fact that my website has a page rank of three courtesy of Mr. G. If ever I will change the URL of my site, of course the page rank will be gone and that means I might or there is a bigger chance that it will be hard to get some opportunities.
I already created a blog which I can afford to risk of having a domain of its own but then I have to read this particular article about the advantages and disadvantages of web hosting platforms. Nevertheless I'm pretty decided to get the services of Just Host since they are still the Best Blog Hosting on web hosting awards and cheap. Thanks to the web hosting reviews and I can compared the top ten different web host providers from each other. It helps me decide which web host is a fit for me.

I was thinking of encouraging Hubby to join me in the blogging world but he has to read as well the article that I mentioned above. Then I will urge him to avail to get a web hosting provider so that he can get a domain of its own and enjoy the unlimited web space they offer. Plus a different look of his web page compared to other blogging sites. I'm sure once I tell him these information, he will be gladly to get a web host for his blog.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Think it over....

The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience and truth over popularity. These are the choices that measure our life.

Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

Happy Weekend! Ü


And I thought today will be a different day compared to the previous days.

Early this morning, the sun decided to show itself to us. And I'm giddy happy that at least we will experience a sunny day for a change but a couple of hours ago, the sky started to get dark and you can hear the thunder making its presence known to everyone. And then as if on a cue, rain started pouring down with winds in tow.

Sigh! And there's no storm yet in the country. It's just the normal scene when it's rainy season in Manila. After the down pour expect a lot of floods in the city streets which will cause traffic jams everywhere.

And just now as I was typing this entry, we experienced a quick blackout in the office.

Welcome back to school dear students! Enjoy the start of the school year...

Hairy Conversation

I'm not talking about the hairs that grow in unusual places of our body but the hair that is visible and making it a crown for women :)

I've been sporting a long hair pretty long and last March of this year, that was the only time that I decided to but it short and have it dyed with a brown shade. In fairness to the hairdresser (which happens to be a female) she did a good job!

I love my hair and I'm planning to return to her for the treatment and trimming hopefully next month.

Friday Five: Bugs

It's been awhile since I've participated on this meme. But I'm glad to be back!

1. What bugs truly freak you out?
- they are many of them but the ones that I really hate are ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches and big spiders

2. Which Bugs Bunny cartoon do you remember most fondly?
- I really don't remember...sorry...its been a long time..The only thing that is stuck in my mind is Bigs Bunny famous line "What's up Doc?" followed by a munching sound of carrot.

3. What bugs you most about your life online?
- Opps! Ahahahaha!

4. Which of your favorite websites seems often to be especially buggy?
- Facebook. Sometimes I can get through the site though it was supposed to be blocked.

5. When were you last too sick to get out of bed?
- Hmm..I think that will be Monday and Tuesday. It feels good to stay in bed on a cold rainy weather.


Before this word applies only to the security of our home where we lived but now there are different things that we need to protect like our identity, personal information, credit card number, etc.

In the US, identity theft has been a growing problem since most of us rely too much on internet to transact our businesses where it's a playground for hackers to get our information unaware. Thus identity theft protection is needed and online users like us should be careful in giving out information about ourselves. LifeLock shares some tips for us on how not to be a victim of identity theft. I'm sure most of you will raise an eyebrow about them, but how about checking out some Lifelock reviews so you can find for yourselves how credible they are. Sometimes even if we are secured in our own homes, you can never be sure how protected we really are.

Joyful Toon No. 80

A man's pride will bring him low,
But a humble spirit will obtain honor.
Proverbs 29:23