Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Vending Machine Business

My sister and I were planning to have our own business. Most likely it will be a franchising business since it requires a minimal capital but the returns are good. On the other hand, I also found another way of having an extra income which is more "portable" compared to food carts and that is the Vending Machine Business.

When I think about it, Vending Machines can give you earnings even without being there to supervise. Also, its space efficient and you can put it almost anywhere as long as there are people who might need an immediate snack. Some vending machines will allow you to either carry snacks/bars/chips or beverages but this Vending Business company offers a machine that can hold both! Their machines allow you to sell 13 different types of snacks and 6 various beverages. This reminds me of the vending machine that we have in our pantry when I was a call center agent. The only time that a person will be present to attend to the machine was when it needs to be refill and of course to get the profit that was accumulated for the day (or two days perhaps).

I'm not sure how one unit of the vending machine cost but I'm sure it will be worth it when you found the right spot to put your machine into work. You can place it on a school canteen, a company's pantry, hospital lobby, etc. Now that's a profitable machine to boot! Ü

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