Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer is still ON

I thought that the summer that we tend to enjoy till May will be abruptly shorten due to the rain we've experience for the last 3 weeks plus the fact that there are two tropical storms who visited the country just last month. One of them is still making waves in the Bicol region whereas the other one was off to another neighboring country of the Philippines. The weather had gone haywire due to global warming.

This is good news for us and I'm hoping that there will be no storms on June (specifically in Visayas region) since that's the month we set our Boracay vacation with hubby, my aunt and friends.

I still have to thank the rain though because we didn't use our AC for how many days which means our electrical consumption will be less compared last month and I wish that Meralco will have a roll-back of their electrical charges to its consumers (crossing my fingers).

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